Tennis is a fun and very rewarding sport. It is very much alive and still a very popular sport today and yes, we have to thank Roger Federer for that! Recently, there are a lot of newcomers that wants to compete and former players that wants to come back to play the game.

Whether you’re playing casually or playing professionally, there are some challenges you might encounter during your “career”. Some of the problems we encounter during our extensive research are:

  • Many beginners having a hard time choosing their first racquet
  • The more advanced players are looking for an upgrade (skills and equipment)
  • What racquet to choose for a specific skill set
  • Parents don’t know where to start teaching their kids
  • More questions about what’s the best tennis racquets, tennis balls and other equipment
  • Techniques that will help you improve

These are some of many questions we encountered and we want to address immediately. Here at Swing It Big, we like help people who are looking for answers to these questions. We created different guides from how to choose your first ever racquet to upgrading for more advanced one.

We will also post different techniques to help you improve your winning rate and some healthy tips on how to prevent injuring yourself while playing. Finally, sorry, we will not post anything related to betting coz we really hate gambling!

You will find our guides below and make sure you bookmark them so you can read them anytime and anywhere! Hope you will find our guides helpful and leave a positive feedback thru the comment section below.